"How to kick Start your Career as an Illustrator" Guide UPDATED VERSION!!!

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The start of my illustrator career was not that easy, I needed a start kick, but I had no help.

Two years ago, I collected some experiences and sorted all the information that I found and left only things that helped ME to start my creative way and CREATED A GUIDE FOR ALL THE BEGINNER!

No empty words, only helpful information and motivation!

STEP BY STEP, I will describe what I did and what helped me the most.

In my guide you will find information about:

- Finding a direction in illustration

- More about how to improve drawing skills and how to find your own style

- About online presence

- How to create a portfolio

- Info about agencies and contracts

- Motivation kick, and so much more!

On my examples, I will show you how I'm working and how you could organise your working routine.

As a bonus, I added links to helpful websites and names of books, that helped me a lot.

This is not the only way for you to go, but this information will help you understand WHAT you can do to make your way to the first clients shorter!

I was honest to you and shared everything I know about the beginning.

I hope it will help you!

P.S. Please do not send this guide to third persons, this is illegal. I hope on your understanding!

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"How to kick Start your Career as an Illustrator" Guide UPDATED VERSION!!!

1 rating
I want this!